Finding and stopping real world consumer Spy products such as mSpy that can be purchased online by anyone with a credit card… Antivirus can’t really help you.

We are a team of ex-military and government cyber security experts with extensive experience in the cyber security industry. Over the past several years we have witnessed how easy it is to spy on literally anyone anywhere in the world.

  • We have seen first hand how Government Surveillance Systems can spy on literally anyone, how easy they are to use and how devastatingly effective they can be. Using sophisticated Spy Programs Governments are able to take control of any persons smartphone from anywhere in the world and from that point they have access to everything that person does.
  • We have also seen how any individual can buy sophisticated surveillance systems from dozens of companies on the Internet and how easy it is for them to infect any smartphone. These Commercial Surveillance Systems are incredibly easy to use and anyone with literally no IT skills can be spying on any smartphone in seconds.
  • We have also seen first hand how governments in some cases decide to purchase and use these Commercial Surveillance Systems in live operations, as it is cheaper, there is no budget approval required and there is no reporting.



There are dozens of these surveillance systems on the open and black market today that are used by both government and private individuals. These tools can be used against you in many different scenarios including but not limited to:

  • Governments spying on people both inside and outside their country;
  • Husbands and Wives and partners spying on each other;
  • Employers spying on their employees.
  • Criminals stealing information.

The people spying on you can access everything including:

  • Phone Call Interception (listen to all of your calls in realtime)
  • Call Logs (Who have you called and who has called you)
  • All Text Messages and Email (Who are you messaging)
  • Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat, BBM etc
  • Locations (Where you are right now and also where have you been)
  • Internet History (Even if you delete your history or turn on Private Browsing)
  • Ability to remotely turn on Microphone and Camera (See and hear you in real time)
  • Access to saved pictures and videos (Everything you have ever taken or received)
  • Hundreds and Hundreds of features

We have decided to stop this type of surveillance. You have the right to privacy. You have the right to not allow your government or your ex husband, or your employer or whoever it might be to spy on you.

At the moment we are targeting commercial surveillance systems. We are building up to finding the government systems but this will take a little longer as we need to purchase these systems to see how they work. We know what to do, the forensics process is the same it just costs a lot more as we purchase and or download all products every week to make sure we can always find them.

Our main Anti Spy App Incognito Pro for Android at the moment ( targets 15 of the top commercial spyware apps (mSpy, HighsterMobile, HelloSpy, SMS Tracker, mCouple, Cell Phone Tracker, Family Mobile Tracker, MobiStealth, MobileSpy, StealthGenie, PhoneSheriff, SpyBubble, ZealSpy, iCamSpy, LittleSpy).

We are adding to this list all the time.

These are real companies who are making millions of dollars every year selling commercial spy tools to anyone with a credit card. These tools can be bought for a couple of hundred dollars and can be installed on someones phone in seconds and they need no technical skills at all to do it. This is a massive industry that sells to husbands, wives, ex’s, parents, enemies etc.. Anyone at all these days can be a spy. These tools that can be bought for in some cases $100 have the exact same functionality as some government systems so within seconds a persons ex for example could be spying on their ex James Bond style for few dollars. These companies operate and sell from countries where there are no real laws in place to stop them. It is not 100% legal but it is grey enough to allow them to operate unimpeded. Until now.

It is our mission to find all of these tools, figure out how they work, how they hide and update our range of apps so that when joe blogs for example does a scan it will find and remove these tools. All Joe has to do is open, scan, find and remove. Now of course when the company we are targeting finds out we are targeting them they will change how they behave and how they look and feel to try to evade us. We check them once a week and if we find they have changed we will run our forensics process again and within an hour we have them again and send the update automatically to Joe. They have our undivided attention. We purchase each product every few days to make sure we have an up to date version of their software. This is why we have to charge for Incognito as we have some pretty big overheads. We are also saving up for the more expensive government systems (Fin Fisher and Hacking Team to name a few).

We know that there are many more commercial surveillance systems on the market and we are working very hard to identify them, to figure out how they work and how they hide and then to issue an update to our customers. Our updates are automatic and will always be free of charge to our customers. We really are doing our best. We have some very talented forensic experts working with us and we will not stop until we have found all commercial surveillance systems.

We charge a small fee for this app, as we need to constantly buy these apps to keep up to date with them, making sure our removal app is always targeting them.

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